4 Best Cruise Lines for a Family Fun Vacation

Vacations are well spent when you are with the family. Having to take some time off from a busy work and school schedule can be very fun for all the members of the family. Some families are quite on the adventure side when it comes to planning vacations. Probably one of the best options to spend family vacation is on a cruise ship. Some may find it hard to find a cruise line that will meet every needs of the family member, which is one thing to consider before getting into a cruise ship vacation extravaganza, however this kind of vacation can be new and very fun for all family members.

On this page we will help you choose from the best cruise lines in the world and check out if they can be the best option for your dream family vacations. Especially for first timers, having to choose from various options can be a great help to plan ahead your family vacation with the kids. So, sit back, relax, and choose from the best cruises for families :

1. Disney Wonder

The name of the cruise line itself already sounds fun! If you are living under a rock, it is impossible not to be familiar with Disney at all. Disney Wonder has been sailing since 1998, it is a family friendly cruise line ship which can get your hungry for play time kids enjoy their cruise. With a capacity of 2,700 passengers, and get this, its horn toots the first 7 notes of the song “When You Wish Upon A Star” isn’t that magical. It is practically Disneyland on the sea. Disney Wonder sails from Vancouver to Alaska, for 7 days (May to September).

2. Carnival Vista

With an itinerary of 6 nights roundtrip from Miami to the Western Caribbean (January to April), Carnival Vista is one of the cruise lines to check out. You can enjoy movies with their IMAX theater, which is actually the first at sea, and SkyRide on the upper deck. Mom, Dad, and kids, even your babies can enjoy the amenities and fun activities in the Carnival Vista. If you want some adult activities, you can leave your kids to enjoy Camp Ocean, wherein counselors will give them plenty of activities.

3. Norwegian Gateway

Have kids who just loves to slip and splash? Looking for a cruise ship with adult fun filled activities? Then, the Norwegian Gateway is for you! It is a Miami-based cruise line which holds a 3,963-passenger capacity, and has a 7-night roundtrip from Miami to Western Caribbean (November to April). The ship has 26 dining spots, for Mom and Dad to spend a lovely romantic evening and for the young ones, rock climbing, mini-golf, AquaPark, video games, and more.

4. Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Sea

This cruise line is known for having the largest cruise ships in the world, and hailed as the true resort of the sea. Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Sea accommodates up to 4,905 passengers. This cruise line fits the type of family that has active kids and seeks the fun under the sun. The ship has a 7-night round trip from Cape Liberty, New Jersey, to the Bahamas (October to April). They offer exciting activities such as Sky diving to the 300-foot North Star capsule’s panoramic views, XBOX Lounge, Skating Rink, Bumper, Cars, and more.

Planning and choosing a cruise line family vacation can be tough, but you can easily choose from the 4 cruise lines we have ranked for you. Check out their full activities, pricing, and special offers on their site and grab that reservation now!